Consulting Services

Orbital Engineering provides a number of different engineering consulting services. We specialize in consulting on issues related to building Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems.

*Will continue to offer consulting services on litigation issues involving personal injury and property damage provided site work is not required.


In our experience building environmental moisture and mold issues are usually related to the building envelope. Our analysis of indoor air quality includes sampling for mold and installing temperature and relative humidity (RH) data loggers as appropriate. We analyze the relationship between the environmental conditions and mechanical systems (HVAC) to identify causal factors. Corrective recommendations are then provided.

Electrical consulting

Electrical consulting includes damage assessment of building electrical systems from theft, fire, surge, or lightning. We have the equipment to test the integrity of conductor insulation and determine if and where replacement is required.

If needed we can provide load calculations, plans, cost estimates and scope of work for needed remediation. Frequently we serve as the owner's representative during re-construction to ensure the work is performed correctly.

forensic consulting

We also specialize in forensic consulting for owners, insurance companies, attorneys, and public fire departments. Our consulting jobs cover a wide variety of fields including acoustical, safety, building envelope, standards/codes, LEED, geothermal, fire protection/suppression, and life safety code consulting. Please refer to our Forensic Services page for more information.