Forensic Services

Mold and Moisture Problems


Qualified expert in building HVAC

mold grille


Accident Reconstruction

Qualified expert in motor vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle accidents.

Accident Reconstruction


Product Failure

Qualified expert in engineering, physics, warnings and guarding.

Product Failure


Fire Cause and Origin

Qualified expert in both areas with emphasis on equipment and electrical fires.

Fire Cause and Origin


Personal Injury

Electrocution, shock, vehicle kinematics, product liability, trip/slip falls.


Professional Forensic Experience

Over 25 years experience

  • Investigation of fires, especially electrical, for origin and cause
  • Accident reconstruction of motor vehicle accidents, falls and product malfunctions
  • Forensic investigations of product failures and accidents
  • Forensic investigation of mold/moisture problems
  • Forensic investigation of personal injury claims
  • Descriptive reports and photographs of assignments prepared for insurance and ligation clients
  • Registered Professional Engineer in South Carolina
  • Member, National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)

See resume for more information on experience, accreditation, and education.

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